Waste processing line

The production technology is designed for ecological processing of a specific material into a building material thanks to the recycling process based on the physical and chemical properties of the material, which allow its transformation, respectively recycling into building material.

Technology processes the given waste only using physical processes without the use of added adhesives or binders. The technology is waste-free, all cuts and sawdust are returned to the waste processing process, which also applies to building boards which have been already used.

The line works in a fully automated process, it is also possible to use a semi-automated control process or manual control. Particular processed waste is not hazardous, it is waste from the production of food and packaging materials, which ensures hygienic safety.

Partial contamination does not change the character of the safe product, as the waste is processed at high temperatures.

The final product (building board) is water resistant, meets the condition of non-flammability and has excellent mechanical properties, both strength and elasticity.

Processing waste:

  • lignocellulosic material (paper)
  • low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • tetra pak

Economic evaluation of the waste processing production line:

  • Waste is raw material that can be used to improve the environment.
  • Waste disposal is always time-demanding and costly and, as such, must be paid for.
  • The line will recycle 18 tons of waste in 24 hours. This means that, every day, 18 tons of wood material can be spared or 18 tons of the primary material need not be processed.

In advanced economies, the return on investments is less than 3 years.

The processing technology may serve as an example of circular economy.

Thinking about the future we care about the generations of our children and their children.

Sustainable development is our aim and our strategy.

Our technology has won recognition on EU, American, and Australian markets.

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