Engineering design is an integral part of SMART TECHNIK a.s. company activity that is supported by longtime experience of company employees in the area of construction, assembly and operation of the stage technology and machine engineering.

 Company SMART TECHNIK a.s. keeps up with the modern design trends in 3D software INVENTOR. 2D Mechanical Desktop software is used as well. Exploitation of the state-of-the-art software tools provides high work productivity and quality. That is reflected in the company’s capability to promptly react to customer requirements both in design of the required equipment and flexibility in implementation requested changes in the running design.

Research and Development:

In the field of research and development SMART TECHNIK a.s. in cooperation with s AKADEMIE o.p.s. and with the contribution of the grant program of the Ministry of Trade and Industry developed two prototypes of drives for the upper sphere of stage technology. This is a point-wise drive and a flywheel drive, both drives are characterized by their original design and operational safety and are protected by a utility model.

In the field of research and development SMART TECHNIK a.s. continues on other projects.        


Public entertaiment devices:

They are always original custom-made products.

Mobile Ferris wheel 45 m:

  • Number of the transport gondolas: 36
  • Gondola capacity: 6 person osob
  • Revolution speed: 0.66 RPM max.
  • Base dimensions: 24 x 22 m
  • Ring diameter: 40.8 m

Machine industry:

Ze strojírenských výrobků, které naše společnost vyprodukovala můžeme jmenovat:

  • Automated means of production
  • Drive units
  • Lifted platforms
  • Machinery for industrial and agricultural production
  • Stainless steel structures and parts

Steel contructions:

Our company is also able to manufacture steel structures, such as steel halls, autodromes, etc..

Theater technologies:

Upper sphere of the stage machinery:

  • Rope area
  • Technological platforms
  • Counter portals
  • Portal towers
  • Acoustic ceilings
  • Fixed and lifted projection screens
  • Manually and motor driven lifted and spreading theater curtains
  • Manually and motor driven stage moves
  • Lighting batteries
  • Fire curtains
  • Other theater upper sphere technology

Lower sphere of the stage machinery:

  • Orchestra pit lifted platforms
  • Stage lifted platforms
  • Stabile revolving stage
  • Mobile revolving stage
  • Stage dropped
  • Warehousingí

Stage illumination:

We are subcontracting the stage illumination to renowned companies


We are subcontracting the stage electroacoustics to renowned companies

Control systems :

We are subcontracting the stage electroacoustics control systems to renowned companies.



Our company is characterized by the delivery of turnkey solutions.

We will move your plans to paper, make it into production and then pass it on to you with revision, training and service.

What we do all within our services:

Design of engineering solutions and studies

Project documentation

Manufacturing documentation



Revisions (cranes, platforms, stage equipment)

Training of the service personnel

Warranty and customer services